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Way of communication has changed dramatically over the last decade. Now a day’s most of the people have PC and smart phones. Further, India has second-largest mobile phone user with over 900 million users in the world.

The first thing you do if you're booking a holiday or making a reservation for a restaurant is to check reviews of sites. Anyone with a PC or Smartphone has a voice online - the age of citizen journalism is here.

We are helping you in integration of digital channels into your campaign, from increasing followers on social media channels to developing a blog outreach programmer which will target online influencers.


Online PR:

We are targeting online publications, but we also consider a raft of other tactics to enhance your online reputation. We will identify and target key influencers in the digital space.

We create content to improve your SEO rankings which will drive traffic to your website. And we will harness the energy of online forums to get your message out there. Make some noise online by working with US!

Social Media:

Effectively utilizing social media channels like Face book, Twitter and Google+ enables you to have two way conversations with audiences that are important to you. We will be helping you to plan campaign that links back to your business objectives - so it's not just tweeting for tweeting's sake!

We handle social media campaigns for range of clients, but equally we will share our knowledge and expertise with you so your in-house team can get on board with social media.

Blog Content Development:

If you want to rise through the ranking development of rich content is must. Generating meaningful and interesting your own blog for submission to key bloggers in your sector is a great way to enhance your position on Google.

We will be helping you to identify topical issues in your industry and writing impactful copy to get your views across succinctly and with authority.

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